Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this system compatible with my car?

Our units have been designed to be compatible with most car models and makes for our first product launch. Our solution is intended for rear passenger windows not front windows. They are most compatible with SUV's, sedans, and vans due to the necessary throw distance from light source to the window in order to create the optimal image. Trucks and coupes usually don't have the cabin space suitable for the current version of the product but will most likely be included in our subsequent product versions. 

 The rear side window display system will mount on to your headrest poles. The display film will be precut based on your car window diagonal measurements -- but you can apply it to your window yourself. It is compatible as long as your window is within 25-35 inches diagonal. Please refer to our compatibility guide for the main requirements.

2.  Is the car window display system transparent ?

The first version of the Hologlass is 100% opaque but creates an amazing 1080p Full HD display. We will offer the display film that alternates from opacity to transparency as a premium upgrade. This display film will need to be professionally installed by an electrician. 

3. Can I run ads ?

The current version of Pranos allows for you to create a playlist from the videos and images already stored on your phone. Once uploaded to your playlist you can broadcast on your car windows. 

4. How many windows can one hologlass system convert into an full hd display?

Each individual system converts one window in your car. You will need to buy various Hologlass kits in order to get various rear windows converted to Full HD.

5. Does my current tint affect this system?

Having tint is not an issue since our car window display system is intended for evening use. It is optimal to have more than a 15% VLT